Are Free Betting Systems As Good As They Sound?

There are many types of free betting systems that you can look at today. Unfortunately, many of these will only be of benefit to a rather limited number of people. So whenever you are faced with one of these systems it is probably best to first ask yourself whether or not you fully trust them.

Ivery betting systems

Many of the more legitimate betting systems only come good to the extent that they help you to somewhat accurately predict the outcome of a sporting event. In many cases you will be told by the makers of these systems that this is how they intend to arrive at their own conclusions. In truth, what they do is slightly simplistic and based on a rather tenuous and tenacious logic. In order to make money, as many professional gamblers will tell you, you have to be in the right place at the right time. In order to profit, you have to actually be in the right place, and more importantly, be able to bet when you have the edge.

Setting yourself up for success

Although it is practically impossible to win all or even most of your bets, it is not foolish to believe that you can make a profit. If you set yourself up for success, the sheer occasion of winning will provide you with the cash you so desire. Setting yourself up for success takes a great deal of pertinent information and a long-term approach. If you are interested in this sort of information, I highly recommend that you read up on betting, especially on betting systems and their validity, rather than proceed in the knowledge that you are going to lose.

Purported free betting systems

There is a whole cottage industry that allows you to sign up to a ‘bluffing service’ (based on Daniel Negreanu’s formula) and receive the illusion of winning that is later exposed as a scam by the original purchaser. The same can be said for many of the Tickets sales systems available online. I will rather not call them ‘Naga303‘ systems, because to me they are a step above most of the others that I have tried. On the other hand, you will see many of the same names in the promotional e-mails that promise you the latest betting system. One thing to remember about these systems is that they are generally sold on rather flimsy terms such as “Win 75% of all your bets”. The reality is that you will not be able to claim that sort of figure unless you are making a considerable amount of money. Otherwise, the ball is going to land on your court and you will end up losing your money.

Other claims on behalf of these systems will claim that you can place bets on various ‘Sports TV channels’ or that you can bet live using one of the numerous betting companies that you will find online. You could take your money and bet on a football match whilst sat in the comfort of your own home, but would anyone have the sheer hard work and resource to do this? Would any of these companies even want to bothered with such volumes of customers on their home turf? This is what makes a good betting system, the locked in patient fan who wants to win at every bet.

Personally I prefer the accumulator bets to themediate on bets and vice versa, although both can form part of a sound strategy, the LOCK can take a while to settle as you are finding the edges and the MIN WIN if you are laying big money on the fixtures. The best way to win at football is to make informed bets and to follow the season as a whole.

To re-emphasise the accumulator bets, it is best to lay the bet on a coupon paper than on the internet, although the former can be very time consuming. The reason for this is that some football matches are like a chameleon, differentiating one outcome from the next. In a live game, this can be difficult to spot and it is therefore vital to have a record of the matches you have followed and the outcomes.

Although I have always been a believer in form over form, in today’s day and age of the betting exchanges, the guidelines are not as clear cut as they once were. As a result many punters do follow the same guidelines but then fail to implement them carefully.