Blackjack Series – Blackjack Card Counting

Card counting in blackjack isn’t illegal, but casino property owners heavily frown upon the use of this technique to gain huge profits. They are worried that using this on their land would give rise to “casino crime”, though plenty of experienced counters have assured that card counting doesn’t involve cheating. The entire idea is based on basic strategy, which is a simple process of predicting whether the player is likely to win or lose in the next few cards. When casino property owners heard about card counting, they immediately began launching an offensive against the card counter counter operators quickly got into the thick of things, often undertaking price increases in order to make a profit-and a profitable counter-intuitively.

Despite these efforts to identify and crush the card counter operators, blackjack card counting is still widely used today in many high-end casinos. Card counters have a lot of advantages over the regular players. When playing, card counters can play without being worried about getting the casino’s attention. Furthermore, card counting makes blackjack a lot easier because the counter can predict the cards that the shoe is going to be receiving.

Card counting is usually accomplished through the use of a card counting system, which is actually a mental chart that keeps one from getting distracted. When counting cards, the player doesn’t look at the cards themselves. Instead, the cards are given a point value and a “+” or “-” sign is assigned to different cards. When the count is high, the player believes there is a bigger chance of getting a high card, hence they bet more. When the count is low, the player believes there is a smaller chance of getting a high card, hence they wager less.

The casinos are fully aware of all this going on, and they have even taken steps to prevent counters from operating. If a casino spot Reveals, says Joseph Jagger from the MIT blackjack team, then they can essentially ban a player from playing at that casino ever again.

There is little doubt that the casino owners are doing everything in their power to ensure that card counters cannot profit from playing blackjack. MIT blackjack researchers have been quite fruitful in their discovery of the ways greedy casinos will sooner or later catch on to the strategy.

There are a few ways to beat the dewagg and stop yourself getting banned from playing at a casino again and again. One way, as highlighted by MIT blackjack team, is to keep your head cool and cautious even when you know you have an advantage over the casino. Another way is to not let greedy and reckless players take you out when you know you have an advantage over the casino. Do not let them bully you and make you play among the chips.

There is no real way to stop casino card counting unless the card counting team at MIT comes up with a memory stick. During gameplay, keep track of your lead over the dealer. If you are feeling that casinos have an advantage over card counters, then you can place a bigger bet and lower your house advantage by a multiple of 5. The casinos know that no matter how large or small your bets are when you are counting, they cannot beat your count.

However, there is a method of shuffling the large sets of cards that also keeps the casinos from realizing there is a bigger count against them than against the card counter. The casinos are funded to keep the CF Goggles on as long as the gaming public continues to lose. There is no real way to force them to stop the game unless the card counting team behind the one armed bandit tables are big time. Casinos are big business, and big money is big advertising. Without people losing money, they will keep on playing. Eventually, the shoe came off the mortar.