Poker Affiliates – Writing Articles Can Increase Player Signups

With the recent banning of online gaming in the United States, many poker affiliates have seen a drop in overall revenue for their web sites. This has left many affiliates scrambling to gain a share of the market overseas. How can you increase your profitability as a poker or casino affiliate? Write quality, informative articles, and submit them to as many directories as possible.

Do you have a certain strategy for sit and go tournaments? Write an article about your strategy. Submit the article to several article directories. Players will find your article either through e-mail or another blog. They read your article and decide that they like your strategy, and they want to see what else you have to offer. The link that you placed in the author bio box will help them see what else you have to offer.

What about the blogs and poker affiliate sites who pick up your quality articles from these article directories? They use your article as content on their blogs and pages, and in return you receive a back link. This will help out in your overall search engine rankings.

Poker Affiliates – Writing Articles Can Increase Player Signups

Why Limit Should You Use Whole Numbers In Calculations?

It is easier to work with whole numbers when you are doing calculations. For example, 4, 6, 8, or 10 would be an illegal number, because in most cases they will bring an extra zero into the equation. With whole numbers, you are always dividing by 2, since odd and even numbers are considered 1 to 2 and the rest.

For example, 3, 6, 9, and 12 would be the best whole numbers to bet on. You can also divide them, but if you do so, you will have to double your bet on each number to compensate for the division. An example of this is 11, 13, 17, 20, and 21. Since you started with $20, you will bet $12 ($20 divided by 2 = $12), and win $20. Then you start again with $20, and you win $36 ($20 divided by 2 = $12), and so on.

Whole numbersolve to a percentage of 101. You can divide the $20 you win by 10 to figure out what your profit should be. If you profit is $24, then you have made $1 in profit. This technique is very effective among poker affiliates, especially if you are not familiar with poker affiliate programs. All you have to do is sign up for the poker affiliate program that is offering the best commission on your commissions. Usually that is around 5 percent of your referrals. Then you earn a commission of $1 for each of the referrals. This will give you an extremely high monthly commission. Now you will see why I prefer whole numbers in my calculations rather than cents and .25cents. You can easily calculate your commission percentage without taking your time doing the math, as long as you know the number of referrals who profit. The answer is almost sure; the poker affiliate programs earn a healthy percentage of money. The more poker affiliate programs that are involved, the higher the percentage of poker affiliate programs that are making money for the poker rooms.

There is not much mathematical explanation for choosing whole numbers in a poker affiliate program. As a poker affiliate marketer, I find whole numbers to be very attractive, because they can refer players to the poker room with the highest profit. Most poker rooms take a small amount of the money that is paid to the poker affiliate programs as a fee. So the amount of profit that is earned by the poker rooms, can be attributed to the whole number of poker affiliate programs that participate in the program.

Whole numbers and their related percentages are used in all sorts of statistical and investment calculations in the real estate market, in bond trading, and in stock and currency trading. A comparable number for poker affiliate programs is around 1%, and this is how it works. When an affiliate signs up to become a member of a poker affiliate program, their initial payment is associated with a percentage of their referrals. So if a player referred by a member of the affiliate program wins, and generates a certain amount of sales, the affiliate earns a commission. The affiliate also receives a percentage of the affiliate’s referred players’ money, so they are always earning money no matter how successful their players are. The commission is paid on a monthly basis. The monthly payment is usually held in trust for the poker affiliate to be able to withdraw the funds, and it is from this trust that the poker affiliate earns their commission.

No wonder that increasing numbers of people are turning to affiliate marketing to earn extra money.