Poker Tournament – How To Play Poker Like the Pros

The biggest reason that the pros play so well in poker tournaments and you will be is because of something called tight aggressive play. Tournament poker is a game that requires a different way of playing than cash games. The amount of hands that you play greatly increases in a tournament. You can play many more hands per hour in a tournament. You have to be more selective with your starting hands when you are in a tournament. One of the things that a pro will use in order to increase the odds of winning a tournament is a simple one man rule. He will only play his monster hands.

I remember watching a DVD of Phil Hellmuth. He said during the Q&A session that he would only play his monster hands, and once he did, he tried to extract as many chips from the other players as possible. There are a lot of words written on how Phil played. Most said that he played a tight aggressive style. This is correct. However, another fact is when Phil would get his big hands, the other players would fold. Most of the time he would get his big hands without the other players knowing what he had.

The proof of this is easy. After the event, Phil would check his back board and everyone would see that the other players had no clue what he had. There is a big difference between knowing you have a monster and letting everyone else know you have it.

In Johnny Moss’s book, Theolutions: A Poker Book for the Internet, he writes about a game where a movie star’s traveling agent had some trouble with his luggage. The agent was supposed to have a lot of cash on his bags but instead he only had a few hundred dollars. The agent tried to claim that he had lost the money and that it was sent to Switzerland. No one bought it for him.

In the real world, what would have happened was that the agent would have been separated from the cash and probably would not have been on the same plane. However, in the virtual world there were no physical problems, no tears and no inconvenience. The casino claimed the cash and advised the agent to claim it from his other bags. The agent did and was excused from the session and went back to the plane.

It’s easy to say that the agent probably would have won the game with the $4,000 in cash that the casino Assistant kept for the casino. However, the point is that the world of virtual gaming is a very strange and relatively alien one. Because of the way the numbers are generated, it is very likely that the component could have been reversed, the numbers used to generate it could have been picked contrary to what actually happened. garbage numbers can be picked in random numbers.

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