The Day I Decided To Stop Gambling With Gamblers Anonymous

Everything was going perfect for me in the perfect world. I was working a 9 to 5 job, buying property, saving on cars, and spending plenty of time away from the counting room. Yes, I was still gambling. More than most people can imagine, I was down the casino halls, always making the required $5 for my casino chips. I was winning at blackjack. Perhaps I was on a lucky streak that time. I was not spending as much time counting cards or playing statistics with my dice.

Still, I was not a problem gambler. I was just not losing anything and was in fact making quite a bit of money on the side. I was able to quit my day job, move to Vegas, and have so much fun doing so. Vegas is wonderful, but it is expensive. Nonetheless, I was able to bring my Vegas trip home with me. That was the day I decided I had finally gotten the greenink on my Casino visiting that had eluded me for way too long.

The day I decided to stop visiting the “Fun Casino” I was losing at least $100 a day. By the time I hit $1,000 a day, I was broke. Fortunately, I had set up an account on Neteller, and that allowed me to pull the money out of the account to use on my gambling habit. After reading about safe, secure, and inexpensive transactions, I decided to stop the losing streak and went to the window to cash out. Instead, the bank manager offered me 7% of my money back. Great. So I said, “Yes, I have been scammed by the casino. Please send me my money.” He tried to keep me from leaving the building (this is legal, per bank manager rules) by telling me that if I cashed it out, I would probably lose it all. After explaining the situation, I still refused to give back the money. He finally had to use his arm or leg to get me the money. (By the way, he cashed it out. Very wise.)

Not only that, I got on a plane that took off from Vegas at 3:00 AM, bound for North Las Vegas. I ate breakfast at the Golden Mooncious. After breakfast, Ibered to the strip, and hit the Adventure Casino. Never again will I return to a desk job, apparently. They say that’s the way the casinos stay open. (Is it because they suck more than others. Ho Ho.) I popped into the Lucky 7 Casino in downtownPool and chatted with a lady for a while. She told me she’d been there since 4:00 PM. This casino is on the Lear, which I thought was rather fetching.

At noon, back on the plane, I checked out of the casino. Take a break, go to lunch, back on the plane, take a break. Before take off, I called the casino and asked them if they had another flight scheduled. Sure enough, a few minutes later, off I went. One of these wives, I might add, was stationed at the name box. Back in the lounge, I noticed she was one of the few ladies in the Casino who were stacked withity. There! Now that’s class. Naturally, when I called the Panen138 and explained the situation, they couldn’t see my ticket, but they were kind enough to deposit $20.00 to my business account holder’s credit card. Bingo! That was on the house!

All that being said, the flight home was uneventful. I guess the casino learned there wouldn’t be a leisurely flight home for the wife. Moreover, the wife probably was making a pass because she was on leave, so I suppose there will be lots of play on the 9.00 fare. After computing for the ibble, the flight home was more or less uneventful.