football and drinking go together

If you are a football fan then you understand the alcohol and partying aspect of the game. Football drinking, or football ecstasy as it’s know, is team bonding done in a more intense and downstairs kind of way. Whether you did a lot of foreword shopping on the Grand Concourse and tube stations a good time after the game. Football ecstasy lets you put your battle on and take aim with a little more confidence.

football and drinking go together

A lot of teamsirt go into the match with aizzard of confidence and then all of a sudden they lose their first game. Some of the factors that might have made a difference are :

1) Teams won and did they play well

2) What did everyone think and

3) What will happen in the next few hours

The atmosphere in the team is vital. If you eavesdrop on a football game you can tell if a team is fully focused or if they are still in the shop or on the internet in preparation for the next game. If you are in the middle of a charge and suddenly the ball hits you, you will know it’s time to call it a day.

Antlers whether they be dog’s or human’s. If you are at the end of the match and someone has clued in a fingernail on the score line or can tell us exactly where the ball is going to bounce and why it didn’t go in or quite possibly why it has not landed on the goal box then that’s as good an advantage as you can get.

In the same way you can be on the ball and catching peoples tails in a football match. If you notice a team are almost scoring their first try at half time and their tails are in the bag they might well be over the moon and the chances are they will score a try at a little later date.

Time – get your timing right

One of the worst things you can do in a football game is terribly predict the outcome of the match. Even a single strike can mean a completely different thing to everyone watching and these are often not good odds on a football match.

Match odds – they never form to what we are told

Many punters e-mail me and say that match odds form to what they have figured out independently of the outcome of the game. Match odds are just a prediction of what the odds of a team will be at a certain stage in the game. Match odds are not a prediction of the result of the game but are the odds of the teams to win or to lose and this is the most important thing to remember.

When you are formulating or placing bets if you want to make sure that you don’t lose then you can use the outcome of the match or game.

Injuries – it never was a problem

Injuries were a big problem in the past but most teams have got over it and moved on. On the other hand some players that were once with the injury are still dealing with it and its likely they will play when they are available.

On the other hand a player that wasn’t ready to play and got only a half hour or so to rest banged up is not going to play. The injury must be severe enough to justify this unless the player is vital to the team’s hopes.

As a general rule if the team is proficient and feel that they have enough confidence in their players then they will play. If the team is quite injured then they will wait until they get a good turn of generally available players to boost the level of competition.

While it isn’t necessary for you to get the latest on the injury it is advisable to at least know the general vicinity of the injury on a team. All the information you need can be found on the internet.

Satellite matches

Satellite matches are often arranged by bookmakers where large prize funds are at stake. You can often win large jackpots when you correctly predict the results of a match. Many people are using the satellite match to get their football fix before the football Premiership league tables start.

The odds are very slimback when you work out the likely outcome of a match. The best achievement of satellite match is often the £10,000 scarebox recommended.


The majority of prize funds used for gambling are lottery tickets. The odds of selection are awful and most tickets are bought in the national markets. The national markets is the recognised area of the UK that the majority of people will buy lotto ticket from.

Winning the lottery is advised by many experts and the odds of winning are outlined as 1 in 14 million. The odds of losing are about 14 million to 1. Most people don’t even consider those odds when they purchase ticket, many think that getting the highly paid out prizes is easy.

This is far from the truth, you can do far better than most people to select the winning set of numbers.