Is Wealthy History?

We are conditioned to believe that the roulette wheel is a random indicator of chance. In this kind of thinking, you would have said: “It has to be random because someone can always win”. You are really just depending on luck.

Casinos would never make a profit that way. So they have added in all these ways to ‘tip’ the odds in their favor. You might have thought that they are cheating you. But they are not. What they are doing is giving you a monetary advantage over the house.

If you were a mathematician and you wanted to build a machine that would never lose, you would have said: “It is impossible”. You would have been right. Why would you want to build a machine that knew every time the wheel was spun it would be Random?

Your quest to beat the roulette wheel has beenler than you think. When you think that the casino is making a $10 per hour profit on every roulette spin, you may say: “Oh, I am not so sure about that”.

Why is that you ask? Because the numbers on the roulette wheel tend to occur more frequently than most people would believe. You can improve your odds. So you can actually improve your probability of winning on roulette. How do you do it?

On the internet, many “formal” and paid dealers can be found to show you how to “game” the wheel. Ask them which numbers they see come up most of the time. They will most likely tell you they see the numbers between 27 and 33. This is the Most Probable guess.

However, the casinos know that number 27 is the most difficult number to predict as it is a big even money bet. So they implemented a device on the table known as the biased wheel. It is a device that will cause the ball to land on a number a certain percentage of the time. The marked numbers are known as the bias numbers.

In Las Vegas, gamblers can see a “Pokerace99” on the table. (Remember that a white line means betting that the next number will be a red one). Bets are paid at the casino every time the ball lands on the line. Almost all casinos place a betting cutoff between the numbers 27 and 33.

However, the idea of something more than just a singular number is not lost on the gambler in sound theory. The idea of forming a series of numbers is known as a “anza” and the prospect of completing an Ace-J Suited pattern is the basis for this quest.

Many electronic devices are known to aid the gambler in this quest. Some devices provide predictions of the next number, while others do the actual figuring.

Know that no matter how many devices you see or how wise you are, the casino will never lose sight of the bottom line. It is their understanding that whether you are superstitious, impatient, vengeful, or revengeful, they will still make money at your loss.

They do this by taking what you have given you and by paying you less money than you have paid them. If you disagree with this statement, you need to ask yourself: “Who is the loser here?”

Therein lies the sound advice about gambling. Do not assume that you are smarter than the casinos. Do not assume that you can beat the casino because of some grandstanding on your part. The sound and the lure of fortune are irresistible, but the reality bites back.

If you want to lose money at the casino, you should do it without second thoughts. This is a simple formula, but the tough road to follow.

First, do not see a flash or a rose by the slot machine.Second, do not drop your money or better yet, handle it yourself.Handling it yourself suspense frustrates the player and he seems to jilt the moment though.Casinos are notorious at that for a jilt. Instead of your avoiding the possibility of losing, you should be more inclined to it.